Chief Constable's update

Chief Constable's Update July 2016

This month the Chief's Review focuses on the recent terror incident in France as well as the publication of our Force Commitment this week.

 Chief Constable's Update July 2016

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  • Chief Constable's Update July 2016 video transcript

    Like you I've been watching as events unfold from Nice in France. They are horrific scenes and our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have been affected. Clearly, as more information comes out from France we will be able to share that with you. Earlier in the day, I had spent some time at the Police Bravery awards listening to the very heroic actions of officers from across the country, so it was really sad to come out from that event and listen to what had been happening in France.

    In the week I've launched our commitment. The Commitment sets out what we as Thames Valley Police are going to do to keep our communities as safe as possible by working with you the public and also with our partners. It sets out how we're going to work together to provide an emergency service to bring offenders to justice and also build more resilient communities. We will do this together and it's really important that actually, we explore

    what those opportunities might be if you want to engage more with me on those subjects then I'm holding a Cover It Live session and you can find that on the Thames Valley police website.

    As well if you want to actually have a say in what the priorities should be for Thames Valley Police then please go to the Police and Crime Commissioners website where you can take part in a survey. It's really important that you have your say if you want to actually influence what those priorities should be over the next few years. Thank you very much.