Chief Constable's update

Chief Constable's Update January 2016

This month's Chief's update is from London, where Chief Constable Francis Habgood has been meeting with MPs representing the Thames Valley area.

 Chief Constable's Update January 2016

Video transcript

  • Chief Constable's Update January 2016 video transcript

    I’m filming this from a rather wet London outside the Houses of Parliament, because I’ve just finished the latest in my series of meetings with the Members of Parliament who represent Thames Valley. I’ve had a really good set of meetings talking about local issues, and what was really reassuring was that all of the Members of Parliament talked about the positive relationships they had with the local Commanders and also the neighbourhood teams, and also the fact that the numbers of people who are coming forward talking about crime and antisocial behaviour issues over the last few years has reduced quite considerably, I’d take that as a measure of the success in terms of what we’re doing at a local level. I also talked to them about the crime statistics that were released yesterday which showed increase in some crime types but also reductions in others, the areas where we’ve seen increases are around sexual offences, a lot of that is down to increases in confidence with people coming forward to talk about either non-recent cases or also cases that have been involved, linked in to domestic abuse situations, and also in terms of violence there are a number of reasons why nationally we’ve seen an increase in the levels of violence, again they are not indications of streets and homes being more violent, but actually about either a tightening up in terms of the rules, or increased confidence in reporting - but we mustn’t be complacent around that.

    One area that isn’t included in the crime statistics is in relation to cybercrime, and we’ve just launched this week a new campaign to try and protect people from becoming a victim of cyber related crime, so if you haven’t seen it then do please have a look. And I’m sure like many people you will receive emails from people purporting to either have millions of pounds to donate to you. Interestingly I had an email only two or three days ago from somebody who wanted to give me twelve million dollars, but equally there are some more sophisticated types of crimes where people are trying to extract whether it’s bank details or a range of other details, there are simple things that people can do to protect them so please look at the campaign and see what you can do either to help, or help yourself.