Chief Constable's update

Chief Constable's Update December 2016

 Chief Constable's Update December 2016

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  • Chief Constable's Update December 2016 video transcript

    Hello I’m filming this from our new learning centre at a police training base at Sulhamstead. I’m really impressed with the new training facility, which will encourage our officers to continuously professionally develop. Last month I talked about our one of our campaigns to reduce violent crime, particularly in the domestic setting and that was about safe at home, I hope some of you saw some of that. During that period we had a chilling reminder of the impact of domestic abuse, we had the sentencing of Paul Hemming for the murder of his wife Natalie, who he killed in their home, whilst their three children slept upstairs. He then put her body in a car and drove her to Chandler’s cross where he dumped her. He will now spend the rest of his life in prison and at least a minimum tern of 20 years for that event. What we found though, was this had followed a series of domestic incidents at their home, and unfortunately we hadn’t been told and weren’t able to break that cycle of domestic abuse. The campaign last month was very much about how people can come forward either to us, or to other organisations that can help to break that cycle of domestic abuse and stop such tragic incidents as this. Just recently we’ve also taken part in the mannequin challenge, and hopefully some of you might have seen our entry, which was about domestic abuse. If you haven’t seen it, then do visit our Facebook site where you can have a look at what we’ve done.

    The next campaign that we’re about to launch is around drink-driving, unfortunately, too many people are dying on our roads, and one the factors that contributes to that is people who drink and drive. Last year across Thames Valley, and Hampshire the area covered by our road policing teams, we caught 540 people for drink and driving and again the impact of that result on their lives as a result of that discretion will be quite significant, but actually had they caused an accident as we have seen across that three counties would have had a significant impact on other people. It’s not worth the risk, don’t drink and drive. Do watch the campaign, and also support us in stopping other people drinking and driving. Finally, let me just reflect on the last year in 2016. It’s been an incredibly busy year for us, operationally.

    We’ve had quite a lot of serious investigations that we’ve investigated, including things like the Didcot power station collapse, and the impact that had on the people who were involved. All of those I think we’ve dealt with incredibly well, where we’ve done some fantastic investigations, a number of court cases have come to conclusion, and a lot of this is encapsulated within the commitment that I launched within the year, which talked about  how we’re going to work together to keep our communicates safe. As I’ve gone around the force area, I’ve met lots of other organisations, but also members of the public, with whom we’ve worked really closely during the year to keep our communities safe. I look forward to doing that in 2017, so I want to wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year although it’s a bit early at the moment, and thank you for everything you’ve done and I look forward to working with you in 2017.