Publication scheme

Thames Valley Police and other public organisations are legally required to use a publication scheme to publish information proactively.

This is a unique feature to the United Kingdom’s legislation and is not part of similar Freedom of Information acts in other countries.

The Act states:

  • that we must adopt and maintain a publication scheme, publish information through it and review the scheme from time to time.
  • that when we adopt and review our publication scheme, we must take note of public interest and allow access to information that we hold and publicise our decision-making processes.

We must specify:

  • what types of information we will publish or intend to publish.
  • how we will publish the information in each class.
  • whether the information is free or whether there will be a charge.

Items already available on this website include minutes from the Chief Constable’s management team meetings, financial information and performance figures.

Thames Valley Police is following the Association of Chief Police Officers’ model publication scheme. This has chosen key areas of information that the public may want and this is the basis of the Thames Valley scheme.

We value your opinion and would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have about our Freedom of Information publication scheme. We expect our publication scheme to develop considerably over the coming years and invite you to contribute to its development.

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