Types of information available

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you can gain access to information about Thames Valley Police. The following information is available on this website.

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Who we are and what we do

About Thames Valley Police.

Map of the Thames Valley Police area.

Local Police Areas and Neighbourhood Policing teams.

Thames Valley Police organisational chart (PDF 623 Kb - opens new window).

Officer and police staff establishment at Force level (PDF 15 Kb - opens new window).

Police stations and mobile police stations – addresses and opening hours.

Contact Thames Valley Police.

Report an emergency or non-emergency.

Your voice counts feedback form.

How to make a complaint.

Firearms Licensing.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Subject access (data protection) requests.

Thames Valley Police departments.

Working in partnership – relationships with other authorities.

Collaborative arrangements with Hampshire Constabulary.

Information sharing agreements.

Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Thames Valley Police recruitment.

Force sponsorship policy (to be published in the near future).

Sponsorship received by Thames Valley Police.

Chief Constable’s Management Team (CCMT).

Local Police Area (LPA) commanders:

Heads of department.

What we spend and how we spend it

Annual statement of accounts.

Audit and inspection reports. (opens new window)

Budget book (opens new window).

Force purchasing policy (policy and procedure on procurement) (PDF 91 Kb - opens new window).

Contracts currently being tendered.

Links to sites where the Force advertises contracts for tender.

List and value of contracts that have been through the formal tendering process – individual enquiries should be sent formally to FOI requests.

Expenses paid to Chief Officers.

Expenses paid to senior officers and police staff.

Annual budget and source for funding of PCSOs.

Financial regulations that Thames Valley Police is subject to (opens new window).

Transparency agenda spending over £500 (opens new window).

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Asset Management Plan 2014-2019 (PDF 1.31 Mb - opens new window)

Police and Crime Plan (opens new window)

Force Delivery Plan.

Force Control Strategy.

Local Policing Summaries.

Annual Delivery Plan Quarterly and Outturn Reports.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) reports on Thames Valley Police (opens new window).

Crime mapping – Thames Valley Police.

Home Office police service strength report (opens new window).

Crime recording information.

Thames Valley Police performance figures.

Joint Independent Audit Committee (opens new window)

Archive of Thames Valley Police Authority meeting agendas.

PCC decision making (opens new window).

Neighbourhood Policing teams.

Reports from independent custody visitors (opens new window).

Custody visiting. (opens new window)

Stop and search and stop and account data.

How we make decisions

Minutes from strategic management meetings and neighbourhood policing team meetings.

Strategy Group – executive decision meetings.

User satisfaction survey data.

Policies and procedures

Thames Valley Police policies and procedures A-Z.

Thames Valley Police current vacancies (opens new window).

Information Sharing Agreement library.

Information Security policy (PDF 85 Kb - opens new window).

Fair processing notice (PDF 102 Kb - opens new window).

MoPI Review, Retention and Disposal policy (PDF 71 Kb - opens new window).

Management of Police Information (MoPI) Code of Practice.

Complaint procedure – how to make a complaint.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) (opens new window).

Response times – Control Rooms and Enquiries Department.

Services provided by Thames Valley Police

Special operations (Forcewide campaigns).

Crime prevention and reduction advice.

Road safety advice.

Firearms licensing.

Abnormal loads escort.

Alarms keyholder service.

Force Museum.


Driver education schemes (road safety).

Lists and registers

Several Thames Valley Police lists and registers are available on this website:

Lists and registers.

Freedom of Information - information disclosure log.

Business information (Freedom of Information proactive disclosure).

Chief Officers’ gifts and hospitality.

Officer conviction information

Details of the criminal convictions of officers employed by Thames Valley Police have been published here. This includes criminal offences committed by officers prior to joining the force.

Please note that some of the data made available relates back to Police Officers that were recruited prior to the National Vetting Policy which came into Force in 2005. This policy sets out criteria around what is acceptable from a vetting point of view and it should be noted that offences such as burglary will now more than likely lead to candidates being rejected.

The Thames Valley Police Professional Standards Department assess suitability for all new recruits and also consider internal discipline procedures when an existing employee or member of staff are cautioned or convicted. Each case is dealt with on it’s own merit.

Details of Police Constable, Sergeant and Inspector conviction information


Details of the locations of any overt CCTV surveillance cameras operated by the police force (PDF 63 Kb - opens new window).

Further information

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