Forensic Investigation Unit

The Forensic Investigation Unit is responsible for the delivery of forensic services to Thames Valley Police.

The department consists of:

Scenes of Crime

The role of Scenes of Crime is to attend crime scenes to search for forensic and fingerprint evidence. Scenes of Crime officers also gather photograph and video evidence at crime scenes. This evidence supports criminal investigations and it may lead to the identification of an offender.

Fingerprint Development Unit

The Fingerprint Development Unit supports crime scene investigations by developing and photographing fingerprints on various surfaces. The Unit can also forensically examine footprints and documents.

Fingerprint Bureau

The Fingerprint Bureau is responsible for processing finger marks submitted by Scenes of Crime and the Fingerprint Development Unit, and detainee fingerprints received from custody. The Bureau performs comparisons of crime scene marks and detainee fingerprints against the National Fingerprint Database (IDENT1) (opens new window) to establish a person’s identity and can provide expert evidence when required.

Footwear Unit

Located within the Fingerprint Bureau, the Footwear Unit is responsible for processing detainee footwear impressions received from custody, and crime scene marks received by Scenes of Crime. The Footwear Unit can assist with identifying an offender and linking offences together.

Imaging Unit

The Imaging Unit responds to the varied imaging needs of the police with a comprehensive and professional service. This includes a range of digital and graphic services, colour processing, high-quality printing, and operational photographic assignments. The Unit also carries out crime scene surveys and produces maps and plans of varying complexity to aid crime investigation and court presentation.

Forensic Submissions Unit

The Forensic Submissions Unit is responsible for submitting DNA intelligence samples received from custody to the national DNA database.

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