Fixed Penalty Support Unit

The Fixed Penalty Support Unit (FPSU) is based in Banbury, and deals with the issue and administration of fixed penalty notices for a range of offences.

Fixed penalties may be issued for road traffic offences, and offer an opportunity to settle an offence without the need to go through the court system.

These offences may include:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Please refer to these fixed penalty ticket FAQs before contacting the Fixed Penalty Support Unit. The answer that you are looking for may be contained in the FAQs.

Can I enter into correspondence with the FPSU?

The fixed penalty system is designed as a fast-track system. It is for cases where the offender recognises that an offence has taken place, and is prepared to accept a ‘Conditional Offer’ as an alternative to a court hearing. As a result, we will not enter into prolonged correspondence, which raises issues that would be more suitably dealt with in court.

Will mitigating circumstances be taken into account?

In most cases, mitigation can only be dealt with in court. The following, among others, are not mitigation: a long, unblemished driving record; being late for an appointment; time of day or night; driving an unfamiliar vehicle; driving in an unfamiliar area; an ‘inappropriate’ speed limit.

Was the camera hidden?

Thames Valley Police complies with all relevant guidelines governing speed enforcement. Checks are made to confirm the legality of the enforcement before any Notice of Intended Prosecution is sent out. An allegation of speeding can be disputed in court where evidence of correct enforcement will be provided.

Should I receive a speed camera ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’ within 14 days?

Legislation requires that the Notice is sent out to the registered keeper of the vehicle within 14 days. If you are not the registered keeper, then it will be longer than this before you are contacted.

Contact the Fixed Penalty Support Unit

  • Speed camera offences - 01865 290470
  • Notices issued by an officer (including disorder, parking, failure to wear a seat-belt and use of a mobile phone while driving) - 01865 290472.
  • Payment enquiries - 01702 283860.

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