Counter Terrorist Wing

The Counter Terrorist Wing (CTW) provides Thames Valley Police with an effective 24-hour response to terrorist/explosive or search-related incidents.

CTW officers are required to:

  • Assist the Close Protection group with VIP or other operations, with the aid of a search dog that is trained to detect explosives.
  • Protect any person or property deemed at risk.
  • Respond to incidents where the presence of incendiary or explosive devices is suspected.
  • Provide advice to the Force on counter terrorism policy and how to best manage counter terrorism operations.
  • Plan and co-ordinate searches for explosives and of a more general crime nature.
  • Provide training in explosive and search awareness to police or other authorised bodies.
  • Maintain an explosives search dog to a licensed standard, and remain in licence as a police search adviser.

The CTW consists of a police staff manager, with two police constables and four further police staff who are Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) advisers. The wing has seven explosive search dogs.

Counter terrorism security advice for businesses

Could your company benefit from counter terrorist security advice? Please contact a Thames Valley Police counter terrorism security adviser. They can provide you with counter terrorist security advice to make your business less vulnerable to terrorist threats.