Disability Hate Crime

What is disability hate crime?

Disability hate crime is any crime or incident whereby the victim believes that they have been targeted because they have a disability (physical, sensory, learning disability or mental health). These incidents can include, but aren’t limited to, name-calling, verbal abuse, criminal damage to property and doing anything to make the victim feel unsafe.

These incidents can be reported by friends, family, co-workers and carers as well as the victims themselves and witnesses.

How do I report a disability hate crime?

If you or someone you know is being mistreated or targeted because they have a disability, or you witness something like this in public, call Thames Valley Police on 101.

We know hate crime can have an impact on victims which can sometimes reduce the victim to living in fear of the perpetrator. Because of this, or any other reason, victims and witnesses may feel unable to speak to the police.

Stop Hate UK (opens new window) is an independent charity who can take confidential reports of hate crimes and give advice to the caller.

True Vision (opens new window) is an organisation owned by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) who can offer advice about different kinds of hate crime, including disability hate and where to find support and guidance. You can also report incidents of hate crime to True Vision using their online reporting form.

You can contact True Vision via its general enquiries email address or via its online reporting form (opens new window).

You can also find out more about True Vision on Facebook (opens new window) and Twitter (opens new window)

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