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Roy John James

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Royal mail train

Roy John James.

1935? - 21/08/1997

Sentence: 30 years, 25 for Conspiracy to Rob, 5 for Armed Robbery.

Roy James was an up-coming racing driver and a valuable asset to the gang thanks to his ability to drive the truck at night with no lights on. He was therefore appointed as one of the getaway drivers on the night of the robbery.

Roy John JamesSentenced in 1964, James received 30 in prison and served just 11 before being released in 1975. James went straight back to motor racing but unfortunately his hopes of being an F1 driver were dashed when he crashed a series of cars, so he decided to turn to his former trade of silversmith; producing trophies for the F1 World Championship thanks to his contact, Bernie Ecclestone.

Come 1983, James was involved in an attempt to import gold without paying excise duty with fellow gang member, Charlie Wilson. Although acquitted for this crime, James did not stay out of trouble for long and was sentenced to six years in prison after shooting his father-in-law and hitting his own wife with a pistol.

After 3 years in prison he underwent a triple-bypass surgery and was released in 1997, only to die soon after from another heart attack aged just 62.