Body Worn Video

Body-Worn Video

A new generation of Body-Worn Video equipment has now been introduced across Thames Valley Police. The new equipment, which all front-line officers have had access to since August 2013, is smaller, lighter, and produces high quality images and audio.

Body-Worn Video is an overt recording method and can be used across a wide range of policing situations to obtain evidence, for example when:

  • Policing the night-time economy – identification of offenders and offences, and a visible deterrent to prevent crime.
  • Responding to domestic abuse incidents – obtaining a true and accurate record of an incident, such as injuries.
  • Attending crime scenes.
  • Responding to anti-social behaviour – targeting and capturing evidence and identification of persistent offenders.

Body-Worn Video can assist with decision making by custody sergeants, case directors, and the Crown Prosecution Service, and can provide a powerful evidential tool when presenting best evidence in magistrates and crown courts – helping to improve the chances of a successful prosecution and bring offenders to justice.

Body-Worn Video can also lead to a reduction in malicious complaints against officers. Complaints that are made are quickly resolved as Body-Worn Video accurately records an incident.

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