How we deal with domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is a crime that is often hidden, but Thames Valley Police is determined to bring it out into the open.

The role of the police in domestic abuse cases is to:

  • Protect the lives of both adults and children who are at risk as a result of domestic abuse.
  • Adopt a proactive approach to prevent and reduce domestic abuse.
  • Effectively investigate all reports of domestic abuse.
  • Facilitate effective action against offenders so that they can be held accountable through the Criminal Justice system.

Our response to domestic abuse reports

  • All domestic abuse incidents will be attended by a police officer.
  • All domestic abuse incidents are graded as ‘urgent’ as a minimum. This means that police officers aim to respond within at least one hour unless circumstances require a more immediate response.
  • Officers must positively intervene when called to all domestic abuse incidents. If they don't make an arrest, they must be able to justify why. This has led to a significant increase in the number of people arrested for domestic abuse-related offences. Officers are also encouraged to get as much evidence from the incident as possible.