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 Don't Make it Easy for Them!

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  • Don't Make it Easy for Them! video transcript

    Words spoken by unnamed victim

    I was recently burgled. I am resident of Stoke Row. Basically what happened was while I was asleep some people entered into my house. They came through a very small kitchen window. They flipped a lock. They managed to get through there, open the front door. And proceed to take brand new 3D TV, brand new Blue-ray player, my computer, my stereo, my laptop, my briefcase, my wallet, about 150 quid in cash, other bits and bobs in my bag, mainly a lot of important documentation, and put it all into the back of my brand new BMW and drove off with it. So how do I feel? I feel very sad, and very disappointed. Is there much more I could have done to prevent it? Well being there I thought that would probably be enough. Leaving a small little window for ventilation, thinking that would be ok, um, I think the secret here is just make sure that you seem that you are there. Keep your lights on, keep your doors locked properly. Double-lock your door and keep your key somewhere separate. Don’t leave your keys on the dining room table when you empty your pockets at night. Put them upstairs. Or just don’t make it easy for them. Put the good stuff out of sight. Make it look like you are constantly there.

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Domestic burglary is a distressing and devastating crime which can have a significant impact on the whole family. It can take a long time to come to terms with the loss of personal possessions, as well as the loss of confidence that a stranger has been in your home.

Thames Valley Police works hard to reduce burglary offences year on year. There are, however, actions that householders can take to reduce the risk of being burgled further. Often many homes are left insecure with doors and windows left open or unlocked, which provide easy access for a thief.

Many burglars are opportunist thieves looking for homes or business premises that offer them the least risk of getting caught.

The majority of burglaries can be prevented by taking simple security measures.

This section provides you with the crime prevention advice that you need to ensure your home is as secure as it can be.