Special Constable (Volunteer Police Officer)

 Special Constable of the Year 2016

Video transcript

  • Special Constable of the Year 2016 video transcript

    [Steph] She’s a deserving winner because I have never met anyone who is like her.

    [Rubyanne] Unbelievable probably one way of putting it I never expected it, never thought I would be nominated let alone winning it.

    [Steph] She’s unique in that she has so much passion and drive and love for being a special

    [Rubyanne] For me I wouldn’t go into work and think I am not being paid for this. I would go in and do my job and it would just be so the typical thing people would say, serving the community.

    [Lee] At no point was she ever hesitant about going to anything she has a real natural reaction to everything. It’s not something you can really teach for someone to have a natural reaction to a certain incident

    [Rubyanne] Its life experience and it’s so enjoyable, for me it gives you a different outlook on life. I think until you have done it, I everyone is quite closed minded and don’t think about what others go through or I would recommend it to anyone, I absolutely love it. It came in as a shoplifter there was me my crew mate and another double crew there, with our blue lights on it was down a little back street in Henley and the little girl I think she was walking past with her mum, I don’t know if she lived in the area or not but she was very upset and I went over got down to her level asked if she was ok, talked to her and gave her reassurance that she was ok and everything was ok. I remember returning to work 2-3 days later, there was a drawing in my docket, there a note that said to the lovely police officer that spoke to me on the night of and a lovely little drawing of me and the girl and the police car, it really was lovely.

    [Lee] She is just a lot of fun and our job can be quite challenging and stressful at times so it was really good to work with Rubyanne she helps to distress and have fun and be able to enjoy your job

    [Steph] She is itching to get out the door to anything, she has so much passion and drive for the job it’s really nice to that in someone, hope she continues that in her regular role.

    [Rubyanne] It’s that extra officer that is going to be there when someone needs a hand, you are giving someone that extra bit of comfort or reassurance in their community that people are doing something and they are there to protect you.

Recruitment Update – July 2016

Special Constables are Volunteer Police Officers who play an integral role in policing the Thames Valley. The role is diverse but demanding and you must be able to spare a minimum of 18 hours per month to join our busy teams across the force. No formal qualifications are required although we do expect honesty, integrity and a good level of physical fitness.

You will work closely alongside your regular colleagues, adding to a diverse range of skills and experiences from all walks of life to make a real difference in reducing crime - and the fear of crime within the communities we serve.

Being a Special Constable may not always be easy but we can guarantee you will find the work varied, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. It will open you up to new opportunities, giving real job satisfaction and transferable skills. No two days are the same and you can find yourself attending any incident from burglaries and road traffic collisions to public order incidents, policing football matches and serious assaults.

Our Volunteer Police Officers are rightly proud of the work they do. If you want to make a difference, and have the drive and dedication to devote some of your free time to policing our communities then please contact us.