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Halloween and Bonfire Night – Aylesbury Town

Tuesday 30 October 2012, 11:02am

Thames Valley Police in Aylesbury Town will be carrying out patrols in their neighbourhood policing areas during the Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night period.

Police do not tolerate anti-social behaviour at any time of the year and are especially vigilant and high profile during the period 31 October to 5 November.  

Insp Kelly Glister from Aylesbury police station said: “For some people, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, this time of year can be distressing.

“Most children and teenagers who go out trick or treating are just getting involved in the Hallowe’en celebrations and will be friendly.

“Those who are participating in the celebrations by dressing up in trick or treating should call on friends or houses where it is known that these community members wish to join in the fun. It is important to have respect for those who have placed a No Trick or Treat poster on their door by not knocking at their home.

“Have fun during Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night, but consider you actions and the impact they may have both on yourself and others.

“We are increasing patrols during this time so as to make sure that people who are trick or treating and holding bonfires are doing so in a friendly manner and not causing a nuisance.”

If you are trick or treating this year:

  • Don’t knock where you see a ‘No Trick or Treat’ poster
  • Be visible and stick to well lit streets
  • Don’t enter any house
  • Although Hallowe’en is meant to be spooky, be careful not to frighten people
  • Plan your trick or treat route before you go and let an adult know where you’ll be going and what time you will be back
  • Go with an adult when possible

If at any point you do feel nervous or unsafe:

  • Don’t open your door if you’re unsure who is there. Use your spy-hole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you do decide to open your door.
  • Have a contact number of a close relative or good neighbour by your telephone, just in case you need to phone them.
  • If you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, let your coordinator know that you will be on your own at Hallowe’en. If you are a coordinator, please identify people in your scheme that may be vulnerable and offer them reassurance.

For further advice please visit

To report anti-social behaviour or a crime please call 101, the 24-hour Thames Valley Police non-emergency number. If you feel threatened, it is an emergency, or a crime is in progress, call 999.


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