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Two men found guilty of murder - Newbury

Monday 12 November 2012, 5:08pm

Two men have been convicted at Reading Crown Court today (12/11) of murdering a 38-year-old man who suffered fatal injuries after being attacked in his home in Northway, Newbury.

Joshua Anderson (pictured left), aged 22, of The Heywoods, Bracknell and his brother, Matthew Anderson (pictured right), aged 20, of Mallard Way, Aldermarston, have been found guilty of murdering Darren Lock on Friday, 16 March, 2012. Joshua Anderson was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 23 years. Matthew Anderson was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 22 years.


In addition, Joshua Anderson was found guilty of the attempted murder of another 33-year-old man present at the flat during the same incident. He was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment to run concurrently.

Matthew Anderson was found guilty of wounding the second victim, but cleared of his attempted murder. He was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for this offence to run concurrently.

During the trial, the jury heard how the murder victim, Mr Lock met the Anderson brothers for the first time in the early evening of 16 March at his own flat. Shortly after, he was fatally stabbed a number of times in his leg. Their second victim was stabbed multiple times in the stomach and eye. He was able to get away from the scene to call for assistance and survived the attack.

Dean Robinson, aged 32, who was also present at the flat during the murder and introduced the Andersons to their victims, was found not guilty of the murder of Mr Lock and not guilty of the attempted murder or wounding of the second victim.

Following the murder, the Andersons left the scene of the crime and went their own way without Robinson and were heard by numerous witnesses boasting about stabbing the victim.

Having murdered Mr Lock, they went on a violent spree assaulting two other men before being apprehended by police in the early hours of the next morning, 17 March 2012.

Both Andersons have been found guilty of ABH on their third victim, a passerby on the evening of the murder. Joshua Anderson received a nine month sentence having pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing, to run concurrently. Matthew Anderson received a 12 month sentence to run concurrently.

Joshua Anderson had previously pleaded guilty to common assault on their fourth victim. He was sentenced to one month for this offence to run concurrently. Matthew Anderson was found not guilty of ABH on the fourth victim.

Senior investigating officer, Det Chief Insp Joe Kidman said “These sentences reflect the appalling violence of these unprovoked attacks. The murder of Mr Lock, defenceless in his own home, is all the more tragic because he was not himself a part of the longstanding feud which lay behind what happened. The victim of attempted murder was lucky to escape with his life and has suffered life changing injuries.

“As the investigation progressed it became clear that the Anderson brothers had planned their brutal rampage. Their violence not only left one man dead and another seriously injured but they continued to confront and attack other members of the public they encountered.

“The prompt, effective response of local and specialist officers was important in bringing these two dangerous individuals to justice and keeping the West Berkshire area safe. I would also like to thank the team who pieced together the evidence of what happened that evening in a careful professional investigation.”

Baljit Ubhey OBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service said: “We have worked closely with Thames Valley Police since this investigation was launched. This was a tragic crime, which led to the untimely death of Mr Lock and saw terrible injuries inflicted on others.

“The Andersons are clearly dangerous individuals who carry out premeditated and unprovoked attacks on people with and without weapons, and pose a significant threat to the public.

“The jury found that there was overwhelming evidence against both Andersons and  jurors were in no doubt that they caused the death of Mr Lock, and the injuries to their other victim and the men assaulted, despite their denials.

“The Crown Prosecution Service praises the strength and courage of all the witnesses who gave evidence during this trial, and Mr Lock’s family who sat through the trial and listened to the horrific details of how he died in his own home.

“As a result of the hard work and diligence of the prosecution team, a just outcome has been achieved for the victims and their families. We hope that the convictions and sentences will in some way help the victims and families come to terms with this tragic event and move forward with their lives.

“However, no matter how long the prison sentences are, we acknowledge that nothing can make up for the loss felt by the family and friends of Mr Lock.Our thoughts are very much with them at this time.”

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