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Roadside fingerprinting device – West Oxfordshire

Thursday 20 December 2012, 4:10pm

Police in West Oxfordshire LPA are now using a fingerprinting device to confirm the identity of a person at the roadside.

The device allows officers to identify a person who might otherwise have been arrested and brought to the police station for identification purposes.

The tool is useful as it speeds up the process, saves time and avoids the suspect having to be taken to the police station, especially for minor offences.

Det Insp Rob France from Witney police station said: “This is a valuable tool for this LPA as it allows officers to confirm the identity of individuals in a broad set of circumstances. In the past, where an offence was minor, it may have been necessary to make an arrest, particularly if the police officer had doubts as to the identity of the individual.

“In our work, where robust enforcement of a relatively minor issue such as invalid vehicle insurance, or breach of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, is important, the tool makes a vital difference. We are able to check the identity of the vehicle driver there and then. If they are innocent, they will not be required to attend at the police station to confirm their identify.

“Our aim is to continue to make West Oxfordshire LPA a hostile place for criminality”.

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