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Thames Valley Police Detention officer receives commendation - Abingdon

Monday 28 November 2016, 1:56pm

A Thames Valley Police detention officer has received a commendation from Chief Constable Francis Habgood for her work during a fear for welfare incident.

DO Emma Tennant received the Commendation at a ceremony on Thursday (24/11).

The Commendation reflects her work during an incident which took place on 16 March this year.

DO Tennant responded to a call whilst working in police custody from a distressed woman who she believed had committed some form of self harm.

During the call DO Tennant started speaking loudly to get the attention of other staff members. With patience and open questions DO Tennant was able to ascertain where the woman was, and what she had done. She wrote down the information given and the other officers present were able to go to the address. .

DO Tennant remained on the phone for nearly twenty minutes until officers arrived at the property.

Through her communication skills and diplomacy DO Tennant was able to lead the emergency services to her location and was commended for her actions in helping to prevent the woman from causing serious harm to herself.

DO Tennant, said: “It was unexpected but I feel very proud to have been nominated and recognised by the Chief Constable”

Following the ceremony Chief Constable Habgood said: “Each and every recipient has done something that deserves recognition and it gives me great pleasure to be the one presenting these Awards.”  


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