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11-year-old boy among recipients of Local Policing Area (LPA) Commander Commendations - Aylesbury

Thursday 21 January 2016, 1:39pm

An 11-year-old boy has been awarded a commendation by Aylesbury Vale’s top police officer after capturing valuable evidence on his tablet device.

Thomas Steptoe was visiting friends when he saw a man attacking and damaging a nearby house in a bid to get to the occupant hiding inside.

He showed great initiative and quick thinking when he filmed the incident on his tablet and handed the footage to police.

Thomas joined police officers, staff, and members of the public awarded Local Policing Area (LPA) Commander Commendations by Aylesbury LPA commander Supt Olly Wright at a ceremony at RAF Halton.

The event was attended by High Sheriff for Buckinghamshire, Francesca Skelton, who gave a speech to lend her support.

PC Kylie West, PC Chris Stockings, PC Lauren Green, PC Andy Hipwell and PC Martin Duckett were commended for their actions pursuing and arresting a high risk suspect.

PC Rachel Cole and PC Mark Cichon were commended for saving the life of a man threatening to jump from a bridge in Wendover.

PC Sam Stansbie and PC Lauren Suffling were commended for their exceptional performance investigating a series of burglaries in which keys and vehicles were stolen.

PC Lucy Boddington was commended for her exceptional contribution and leadership to supporting victims of domestic violence.

PCSO Jade Blaikie was commended for her role in a complex fraud investigation when her work protected potential victims in Aylesbury, identified suspects and disrupted an organised crime group.

PC Gary Ratcliffe was commended for his tenacity and professionalism tackling and disrupting drug supply in Buckingham. His work resulted in the conviction of seven people for drugs supply and possession offences.

Police volunteer Peter Stray was commended for ongoing voluntary work at Waddesdon and Aylesbury police stations.

PC Phill King and PC Thomas Montgomery plus members of the public Laura Hook and Nick Morrey were commended after helping three people following a serious road collision.

Group Captain Adrian Burns, Station Commander at RAF Halton, received a commendation recognising RAF Halton’s community engagement and partnership with Thames Valley Police in Aylesbury.

Supt Olly Wright said: “This was a very enjoyable event, made all the more special by the time given by the High Sheriff Francesca Skelton, and by Group Captain Adrian Burns for hosting us at Halton House.

“I’m hugely proud of my team for what they’ve achieved. These commendations are great examples of the bravery, tenacity, and professionalism that often goes unnoticed.

“Our successes in keeping Aylesbury Vale safe rely on support from the public and our partners, so I’m also really pleased to recognise the contributions made by those who give up their time to volunteer for us, to award Thomas for his quick-thinking, and to formally thank the RAF, as an important partner, for making the event possible.”

Thomas’s mum Kirstie Steptoe said: “Thomas has been really courageous and braver than I would have been at that age. He chose to do the right thing. I’m so proud of him.”


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