West Bletchley neighbourhood

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Local priorities

The following priorities have been identified by the community and the police:

  1. Burglary Dwelling
  2. Anti Social Behaviour Melrose Shops
  3. Theft from Motor Vehicles

These are being dealt with by your neighbourhood policing team in partnership with residents and other agencies. Progress will be reported in the Neighbourhood updates.

Neighbourhood updates

No updates currently available

Have Your Say events

Meet your local neighbourhood officers, in person or online, to have your say on policing priorities and concerns in your local area.

Find out more about Have Your Say meetings.

No meetings are currently scheduled

Neighbourhood officers

  • Inspector Iain Mcilwain

    Inspector Iain Mcilwain

  • Sergeant Dave Martthews

    Sergeant Dave Martthews

  • PC Sarah Nash

    PC Sarah Nash - Neighbourhood specialist officer

  • PC Katie Smith

    PC Katie Smith

  • PC Clare Maycock

    PC Clare Maycock

  • PC Shane Richardson

    PC Shane Richardson

  • PC Wayne Christy

    PC Wayne Christy

  • PC Andy Millar

    PC Andy Millar

  • PC Steven Prestige

    PC Steven Prestige

  • PCSO Marie Casebrook

    PCSO Marie Casebrook

  • PCSO Sarah Williams

    PCSO Sarah Williams

  • PCSO Chelsea Boxell-Bull

    PCSO Chelsea Boxell-Bull

  • PCSO Martin Woolley

    PCSO Martin Woolley

Schools officers

  • PC Steve Horspool

    PC Steve Horspool - Schools officer