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Local priorities

The following priorities have been identified by the community and the police:

  1. Street drinking. Increase in street drinking in Town Centre and around Slough Homeless Our Concern in Burlington Avenue.   
  2. Anti-Social Behaviour. In and around Lascelles Park
  3. Anti-Social Behaviour. Linked to Roma community.

These are being dealt with by your neighbourhood policing team in partnership with residents and other agencies. Progress will be reported in the Neighbourhood updates.

Neighbourhood updates

Have Your Say events

Meet your local neighbourhood officers, in person or online, to have your say on policing priorities and concerns in your local area.

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Neighbourhood officers

  • Inspector Nikki Pierce

    Inspector Nikki Pierce

  • Sergeant David Luff

    Sergeant David Luff

  • Sergeant Andy Amor

    Sergeant Andy Amor

  • PC Carly  Dennison

    PC Carly Dennison

  • PC Nick Bond

    PC Nick Bond

  • PC Tracey Fenton-Smyth

    PC Tracey Fenton-Smyth

  • PC Sam Robinson

    PC Sam Robinson

  • PC Ryan Moody

    PC Ryan Moody

  • PC Jane Hendy

    PC Jane Hendy

  • PC Trevor Williams

    PC Trevor Williams

  • PCSO Sahadia Javed

    PCSO Sahadia Javed

  • PCSO Jaz Sohi

    PCSO Jaz Sohi

  • PCSO Matthew Denty

    PCSO Matthew Denty

  • PCSO Stuart Bradfield

    PCSO Stuart Bradfield

  • PCSO Luke  Healey

    PCSO Luke Healey

  • PCSO Raymond Richardson

    PCSO Raymond Richardson

  • PCSO Nathan Highams

    PCSO Nathan Highams

  • PCSO Ben Wilson

    PCSO Ben Wilson

Schools officers

  • PC Louise Sloane

    PC Louise Sloane - Schools officer