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  1. Blue light traffic offence exemptions - HQ/Pa/3024/15

  2. Use of stop sticks - HQ/PA/2685/15

  3. Driving diversion courses - HQ/PA/2705/15

  4. Speed camera statistics - HQ/PA/2631/15

  5. Warborough Speed Camera - HQ/PA/2573/15

  6. Animal on the road incidents - HQ/PA/2393/15

  7. Vehicle Recovery Service - HQ/PA/2272/15

  8. Underage driving offences - HQ/PA/1753/15

  9. West Berkshire safety camera stats - HQ/PA/1985/15

  10. Cassie's Law - HQ/PA/001776/15

  11. Parking tickets and traffic wardens - HQ/PA/1615/15

  12. Speed cameras - HQ/PA/1528/15

  13. Drink drive offences - HQ/PA/1436/15

  14. Illegal number plates - HQ/PA/3357/16

  15. Seatbelt offences - HQ/PA/2790/16

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