Community protection notices regarding nuisance animals - HQ/PA/2061/15

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This request, reference HQ/PA/2061/15, was received on Monday 27 July 2015, 9:59am.




Since October, police have been able to issue community protection notices over nuisance animals - often known as "dogbos" - to force the owners of nuisance animals to take steps to control their behaviour. The measures are contained in the 'Dealing With Irresponsible Dog Ownership: Practitioner’s Manual' and are part of the 'Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014'. 1. Please state how many of these "dogbos" have been issued by the police force in total since they were introduced in October (up until the most recently available figures, as at the date the FOI was received). 2. Please provide a breakdown of the above. For each "dogbo" please state: (a) The reason it was issued [e.g. animal attacked someone/ animal chased other animals, etc]; (b) The penalty that was ordered [e.g. on-the-spot fine/ animal microchipped, etc.] NB: I am aware that "dogbos" can be issued over any animal, not just dogs. Please include all of the figures, regardless of what animals are concerned. If it is possible, please state which ones relate to what type of animal - but not to worry if this is not possible. NB2: I am aware that other authorities such as local councils are also able to issue these "dogbo" community protection notices. However, this FOI relates only to the notices that have been issued by the police. Please do not include figures from local councils. NB3: If - for whatever reason - it is not possible to provide the breakdown requested in Q2, please nevertheless respond to Q1, asking for the total number of "dogbos" that have been issued.


Please view the attached response document.

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