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This request, reference HQ/PA/2416/15, was received on Friday 18 September 2015, 11:30am.




1. A breakdown of the budget for corporate communications and/or marketing[1] activity for 2011/12; 2013/14, 2014/15; 2015/16. 2. The budget for any internal in-house magazine or publication for staff, if production for this is outsourced or if any part provided by an external supplier. 3. The current head count in your corporate communications and/or marketing department(s) with a breakdown between warranted officers and non-warranted eg civilian members of staff. 4. The current organisational charts/organograms showing the structure of your corporate communications and/or marketing department(s) accompanied by i) the salary bands for each role and ii) the job descriptions for each role. 5. The current total staff costs of your corporate communications and/or marketing department(s). 6. Details of any spend on any marketing or advertising activity, do you use an external supplier to help deliver this and if so what part e.g. creatives, media buyers etc 7. The date of the most recent review of your corporate communications and/or marketing department and its activity. Please indicate if this was conducted internally or externally and supply any reports rising from the review . If you have separate communications and marketing departments please indicate this and apply the questions above to both teams.


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