Crime Statistics Freedom of Information Request (HQ/PA/917/17)

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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log - Crime statistics

Crime statistics Freedom of Information Request Disclosure Log



I write to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please provide data on the number of times children aged 17 years old and younger were kept overnight in police custody in 2016. My definition of overnight is: between midnight and 8am, where an individual has been held in custody for 4 or more hours during this time.

Q1. How many children aged 17 years and under have spent one or more nights in police custody in 2016?

Q2. Please break the figures in Q1 down by age (e.g. 17 years old – 105 children; 16 years old – 110 children; 15 years old – 74 children etc.)

Q3. Please break the figures in Q1 down by gender (e.g. Male – 402 children; Female – 161 children).

Q4. Please break the figures in Q1 down by ethnicity (e.g. White British – 162 children; White European – 27 children; Black or Black British-African – children; Black or Black British-Caribbean – 12 children; Chinese – 21 children etc.)

Q5. In relation to Q1 please provide details of the longest period one child aged 17 years old or younger was held in police custody.

Please provide this information in electronic format to this email address.


Please view the attached response document.

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