Incidents involving fancy dress - HQ/PA/2312/14

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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log - Crime statistics

This request, reference HQ/PA/2312/14, was received on Thursday 11 September 2014, 4:33pm.




I would like information relating to incidents in which the force has been called to deal with people wearing fancy dress costumes. If it is not possible to identify the type of fancy dress costume (point 2 - below) then I would like the same information but specifically for people dressed as ‘Ghosts’. The type of costume is the detail that I am most interested in. I would like the following details for each incident that has occurred since January 1 2013: 1. The date and location of the incident 2. The type(s) of fancy dress costume(s) involved 3. The nature of the incident - e.g. suspicious circumstances, criminal damage - and, if possible, a brief description of what occurred. 4. The outcome of the incident - e.g. whether anybody was arrested, cautioned etc.


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