Procurement Freedom of Information Request (HQ/PA/931/17)

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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log - Procurement

Procurement Freedom of Information Request Disclosure Log



I’m conducting some independent research and writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act. My request relates to the Nature of Business Travel and the Procurement and Usage of Vehicle Ownership, Lease or Rental. I’ve detailed below the information that we require:

  1. What forms of vehicle transport are you currently using for business related travel?
  2. What is the annual spend on business related travel at Thames Valley Police?
  3. What proportion (%) of your annual spend on vehicle transport relates to cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5t?
  4. Who is the person within Thames Valley Police responsible for procuring and/or managing business travel? (Please provide name, job title, telephone, email and address details)
  5. Who are your current suppliers/providers for your existing business travel arrangements (lease, ownership, hire or rental)?
  6. When are your current vehicle transport arrangements due to expire? (Please provide details of each form of transport and each provider) 
  7. What are your current annual employee CO2 emissions, relating to business travel (in tonnes)?
  8. What is the average contract term that you have with your current business travel providers?

*CLARIFICATION: relates to both ad-hoc and your fleet management.


Please view the attached response document.

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