Speed cameras at roadworks - HQ/PA/909/15

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This request, reference HQ/PA/909/15, was received on Monday 27 April 2015, 2:21pm.




During the 2014 calendar year how many temporary fixed position speed cameras were withdrawn from service that were positioned at a site where a temporary speed limit had been introduced because of road maintenance? (This figure should include all those temporary cameras that were installed and removed during 2014 but also those installed prior to the end of 2014 but subsequently removed during 2014. For each of the temporary cameras referred to above please state: a) When was it installed? b) When was it removed? c) Where it was positioned? d) What was the original speed limit on the road? e) What was the temporary speed limit being enforced for the cameras? f) How many speeding motorists were issued with fines during the period of the temporary speed limit reduction? g) What was the highest speed or highest average speed recorded at this site and if known the make and model of the vehicle involved and the penalty imposed?


Please view the attached response document.

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