Operation Tutelage

Operation Tutelage is a national policing initiative to reduce uninsured driving.

If a vehicle is seen on the road and checks on police systems and the motor insurance database show it is not insured, a letter is sent to the registered keeper encouraging them to insure the vehicle.

The letter encourages the registered keeper to identify if there's a problem with the insurance for the vehicle, and to put things right.

The penalty for the offence of driving a vehicle without insurance is a fixed penalty of £300 and six penalty points on your licence or, if the case goes to court, you could get an unlimited fine and be disqualified from driving.

If you believe you've received an Operation Tutelage letter in error.

  • Contact your insurance company and check that a policy is in place.
  • If your car was not driven on the day stated, email via the address on your Operation Tutelage letter with the words 'Vehicle not driven' in the subject line.
  • If you no longer own the vehicle, check on the government website that you've provided the right information to any buyer and the DVLA when you sold it. 
  • Any changes to your personalised number plate need to be passed to your insurance company. There's more information on personalised number plates on gov.uk.

Operation Tramline

Operation Tramline is Highways England’s heavy goods vehicle (HGV) national road safety project.

It's aim is to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads.

The top three most common offences identified through the operation are mobile phone use, seat belt offences, and the driver not being in proper control of a vehicle.

Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch is a national initiative where members of local communities, with the support and supervision of their local police, record details of speeding vehicles using approved detection devices.

Registered keepers of vehicles breaking the speed limit are contacted by letter explaining the potential risks and consequences of their dangerous behaviour.

Repeat offenders receive a visit from the local police and could face criminal prosecution. 

Operation Close Pass

Operation Close Pass is designed to actively target motorists who ignore Highway Code rules on overtaking cyclists.

The operation uses a plain-clothes police officer on a cycle (equipped with video camera) to look out for motorists who do not leave the required space when passing cyclists.

If motorists are spotted not leaving the appropriate space then the police will intervene and take appropriate action.