Victim and witness support

Advice and support for victims and witnesses of crime.

If you’ve been a victim or witness of crime, we want to make sure you get the help, advice and support you need. 


As a victim of crime, you can be affected in many different ways. This could be emotionally, financially or physically. It’s important that you get the correct support to help you cope and recover. 

Making a Victim Personal Statement (VPS) is a way for you to put your feelings on record. Your statement will help the criminal justice agencies involved in your case understand the impact the crime has had on you and your family, and helps us to make sure you get the right support. 

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime explains what the criminal justice process is, the services victims are entitled to receive and how criminal justice agencies will support victims of crime.


It is not unusual for people to feel anxious about giving evidence in court, so we want to help make the process as easy as possible. Witnesses play an important part in the criminal justice system and their evidence can be vital in bringing an offender to justice. 

As a witness you have rights. The Witness Charter has been developed to tell you how you can expect to be treated by the police if you are a witness to a crime or incident.

Victim Support

Anyone who is affected by crime can contact Victim Support for help.

Victim Support helps people cope with the effects of crime. They provide free and confidential support and information to help you to deal with your experience.

Visit the Victim Support website for more information. 

Information for victims and witnesses

Visit to find out more about the help and support available to you, your rights as a victim or witness of crime, and information about protection for victims and witnesses.

Support for victims of crime

If you require emotional or practical support to help you cope from the impact of the crime you can find an appropriate local organisation and information on your rights as a victim by visiting the Victims First website

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