Family Court Disclosure

The bureau receives requests for research and makes disclosures of information held by the force.

The bureau receives requests for research and makes disclosures of information held by the force in response to requests made by parties to Family Court proceedings. The information disclosed is used to help the court in reaching decisions. This will often involve the custody or placement of vulnerable children.

A request for the disclosure of information for use in Family Court proceedings only can be made by:

  • A solicitor acting on behalf of the parent/guardian of a child
  • A partner agency
  • Anyone representing themselves in court

The Family Court Disclosures Bureau operates under the terms of a court-approved protocol

To apply for a disclosure you will need to read protocol and complete the Standard Request Form which you can find at Annex B.

Litigant in person requests for disclosure must also be accompanied by:

  • An Order of the Court (unless the Order specifies otherwise disclosure will only be made to the Clerk of the Court);
  • Copies of two forms of identification which between them must include the applicant’s name, date of birth, address and a photograph of them. This will normally be a driving license or passport along with a utility bill;
  • Initial payment of £109.98 (basic request fee plus VAT and postage) by way of cheque or postal order, and confirmation in writing that the applicant will be liable for any further costs. Typical costs are given in Annex D of the protocol.

For guidance on wording of Court Orders please refer to the Police Disclosure Orders in the Family Court issued by His Honour Judge Hughes in July 2015. Please note that Thames Valley Police will only respond to a sealed copy of an order.

Completed forms and Court Orders can be sent to or via post to: The Family Court Disclosures Bureau, Thames Valley Police Headquarters, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 2NX.


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