Creating a workforce where diversity is recognised, celebrated and valued.

We recognise that having a diverse workforce makes us more approachable and relevant to our communities. There are many ethnic groups across Thames Valley and it is important that we reflect this diversity.

We are committed to supporting all staff and promoting equality and diversity. We warmly welcome people from black and minority ethnic groups and aim to be an employer of choice for all sections of the community.

Thames Valley Police is the first police force to sign up to be a supporting member of the 'Face Equality at Work' initiative, run by the Changing Faces charity.

Positive Action

Positive action is an activity which helps employers identify and remove barriers and issues to the recruitment, retention and progression of people from under-represented groups, whilst still employing on merit.

We treat all applicants fairly and in accordance with current legislation. Positive action is not about giving some people favourable treatment; it's about levelling the playing field. We are looking for a talented workforce who can best serve our communities and that means looking at a wide and diverse range of applicants.

Some of the positive action initiatives we run include the following:

  • mentoring programme for both applicants and existing officers
  • ambassadors in the Thames Valley communities to positively promote the work the police do and encourage engagement
  • familiarisation evenings during recruitment of police officers to help people compete on a level playing field
  • a number of staff support networks (further details below)

Staff support networks

Set up to support individuals from minority groups, networks provide vital face-to-face support and work to share common concerns, issues, experiences and solutions.

Christian Police Association

Provides prayer, encouragement and fellowship opportunities for all staff, regardless of their diversity. Membership is open to all staff in the police service, their spouses and retired staff that recognise the Christian faith. It is also available to people who wish to support as associate members. Membership is free.

Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association (GRTPA) 

Main aim is to unite and support all police officers and staff who are from a GRT background. Linked to their main aim is the desire to develop good relationships between the police and GRT communities.

For further information, visit the GRTPA website.


Provides a local staff support network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and non-gay members of Thames Valley Police. Membership is open to serving officers and staff and volunteers of Thames Valley Police. There are two types of membership - full and associate - and membership is free.

Muslim Police Association

Helps and assists Muslim police officers and staff as well as providing support for the wider organisation. The Muslim Police Association is supported by the National Association of Muslim Police and has a further interest in promoting better understanding between the police service and Muslim community.

Support Association for Minority Ethnic Staff (SAME)

Works towards ensuring that there is fairness and equality for minority ethnic staff within policing. Aims to advise staff who are suffering harassment or discrimination at work because of their race as well as improve understanding and raise awareness of development opportunities for BME staff.

Women's Network

Committed to improving the working environment for and maximising the potential of women within Thames Valley Police. Their focus includes job opportunities, career progression and training, promoting a work-life balance and maternity and adoption leave.

In addition, there are many national groups which can offer support. We are currently actively involved with the following groups:

  • British Association of Women in Police
  • National Black Police Association
  • National Christian Police Association
  • LGBT+
  • National Association of Muslim Police
  • National Trans Police Association