Police Officer recruitment opens Monday 26 June

Thames Valley Police will be opening recruitment for the role of police officer on Monday 26 June 2017.

Do you enjoy helping people? Do you care about making a difference? If so, have you considered becoming a police officer?

We are looking for candidates who are both professional and approachable, who can build relationships with their communities and colleagues. You need to be enthusiastic, reliable, self-disciplined, flexible and confident enough to take control of situations.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for a role as a police officer you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be a British or Commonwealth citizen or an EU/European Economic Area national
  • have leave to remain in the UK indefinitely
  • have a full manual UK or EEA driving licence
  • have two A levels, grade A-E, or equivalent, or higher
  • have a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP)
  • not have served any period of imprisonment or youth detention
  • be in good health, of sound constitution and able to physically and mentally perform the duties of a police officer once appointed
  • not have piercings or tattoos which could cause offence
  • not have applied unsuccessfully within the last 6 months
  • live within thirty crow miles of two main police stations, including one within 20 crow miles at the point of applying

If you have a criminal record or conviction, it may lead to your application being rejected. We will take into account the date and circumstances of the offence, plus evidence of good character since the offence.

Recruitment process

Eligibility meeting

The first step of the recruitment process is to attend an eligibility event. You will attend an informative session for a morning or afternoon where we will check your documents and assess whether you are eligible to apply. Details of how to book an appointment will be published on the day we open and will run throughout July 2017. No appointments will be booked prior to Monday 26 June 2017.

Application form

You must fill in all necessary sections of the application form fully and carefully. Information required includes employment history, education, contact details and other standard data.

National Recruitment Assessment Centre

The National Recruitment Assessment Centre (NRAC) lasts half a day and is held at our Training Centre in Sulhamstead.

The NRAC consists of the following:

  • verbal reasoning test
  • numerical reasoning test
  • role play scenarios
  • timed interview

Please ensure you dress smartly and be aware that your behaviour during the entire period is assessed. You will have to pass each element of the NRAC (you are scored against written communication, oral communication and working with others) and get a minimum of 50% as your overall score.

Job interview

All questions will link to the competencies for the role which are service delivery, serving the public, working with others, openness to change and decision making.

You will be asked competency and scenario based questions. The scenario based questions look for a common sense, reasoned and well thought out approach to the situation.

You will be provided with your interview results within five working days by telephone. If you meet the minimum standard, you will be made a provisional offer of employment.

Pre-employment checks

You will be required to complete a number of forms so we can register your details with vetting and occupational health.


You will need to provide information about the circumstances of both yourself and those close to you (partner, children, parents, siblings, lodgers etc.).

Your application may be withdrawn if you fail to declare any important information.


You will be asked to complete a medical history form - this will need to be verified by your doctor. You will then be booked an appointment with a doctor to complete some standard medical tests (BMI, blood pressure, eyesight etc.).


The fitness test is held at Sulhamstead and lasts a morning. It includes measuring your BMI and completing a bleep test to level 5.4. You will also have your DNA and fingerprints taken together with warrant card photograph and uniform fitting.


References will be required to cover the last three years of employment, volunteering and education.

Pre-learning weekend

The pre-learning weekend is two days of training over a Saturday and Sunday at our Training Centre. The learning includes specific first aid training for police officers.


If you have any questions regarding police officer recruitment, please call 08452 66 66 77 (option 2) or email: recruitmentpoliceoff@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk where a member of our recruitment team will be happy to help.


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