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An on-going operational response to reduce the impact of drug using and dealing in Oxford city centre is taking place.

Officers will carry out a series of high visibility targeted patrols aimed at disrupting offending and reassuring local residents.

Supported by extra officers and working alongside Oxford City Council, neighbourhood teams will seek to identify and arrest offenders.

At key locations a range of measures such as improving lighting, installing CCTV and cutting back foliage will also be considered.

Officers on reassurance patrols will continue to engage with residents to gather intelligence and understand concerns.

Chief Inspector Marc Tarbit, deputy Local Policing Area commander for Oxford, said: “Protecting people from the harm caused by drug dealing is a priority for us.

“The city centre neighbourhood team has worked hard over the last few months making arrests and executing warrants.

“The month of focussed action will build on this work and continue to support the local community. We want to make Oxford a hostile place for drug dealers.”

The patrols are part of Thames Valley Police’s ongoing Stronghold campaign, aimed at fighting organised crime in partnership.

Councillor Tom Hayes, Board Member for Community Safety, Oxford City Council said: “We welcome this drugs crackdown by our local police force, just as we welcome the police’s efforts to reassure the affected community and be more visible in the area.

“Catching drug dealers and ensuring Oxford is safe for everyone, particularly the very vulnerable, is a number-one priority for the Council.

“We partner the police to disrupt dealing and public drug use, but also, in the long-term, to build communities where vulnerability and drugs don’t exist in the first place.

“Listening to residents is at the heart of the council’s approach and, because residents are sharing their growing concerns about drug use and dealing, this council is urgently exploring how we can do more.

“Residents tell us that they want a robust approach and that is what we are going to take in partnership with the police.”

The patrols will start on Monday, (15/1) and will last for a month.

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