Wycombe LPA Commander’s Commendation Ceremony

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Commander of Wycombe Local Police Area (LPA) has awarded commendations to police officers, police staff and members of the public.

Supt Kevin Brown, Commander of Wycombe LPA, and his management team have awarded commendations to police officers, police staff and members of the public who have displayed exceptional courage, selfless commitment and professionalism.

 The commendations were presented to recipients during a ceremony at The Old Town Hall, Queen Victoria Road on Wednesday (31/1).

 Members of the public Christopher Dewing and Phillip Price were commended for their quick thinking and selflessness for gaining vital information to identify the suspects and providing CPR to a man who had stopped breathing as a result of an assault. Their intervention has undoubtedly contributed to saving the life of someone not known to them.


 Twenty officers were commended for their contribution in connection with the initial response, arrest and detention of a violent offender who had committed murder. They demonstrated their ability to act with integrity, leadership and selflessness at a distressing scene, which resulted in the suspect being convicted of manslaughter and affray.

 Police Constable Daniel Morris and Special Constable Toby Slade were commended for their swift action and exceptional example of supporting the force values of integrity, fairness, respect and selflessness when saving the life of a vulnerable woman who had attempted to take her own life.



 Police Sergeant Hayley McEvoy and Police Constable Danielle Foy were all commended for their exceptional example of supporting the force values of selflessness, leadership and courage when attending the scene of a stabbing and violent disorder.

 Police Constable Richard Lunn was commended for their courage and bravery in their actions and contribution in connection with the arrest of a violent offender.


Special Sergeant Tim Clarke was commended for his contribution and commitment to supporting the Special Constabulary and to Wycombe Local Police Area. 

 Police staff member Helen Evans was commended for her commitment and exceptional knowledge when providing a high quality service to the community in her role as Horsewatch Coordinator.

 Police Sergeant Robin Hughes was presented with the Referrer of the Year award by John Elliot of Mediation Bucks.  


 Supt Kevin Brown said: “As the LPA Commander I am immensely proud of all of my officers and staff, including volunteers, who do a very difficult job very well in some challenging circumstances. They continue to be a credit to the local area and residents they protect.

 “I was particularly pleased to see the pride on the faces of the recipient’s guests and even more humbled to award commendations to those members of the public that saved lives through quick thinking, that have supported policing and in one incident help protect an officer in a dangerous situation.”

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