Thames Valley Police is delighted to announce the winners of the Community Policing Awards 2019.

Oxfordshire and Overall Community Police Officer 2019: Sarah Merritt

PC Sarah Merritt is based at Grove police station.

On receiving this award, Sarah said, "I feel very privileged and honoured to have won, but I do what I do because I love my job and my community. Being a neighbourhood officer is a really special role and it isn’t just a 'job', you truly become part of the community that you police. I feel very supported by my team and the community as a whole, and it was such a surprise to win."

Berkshire Community Officer 2019: Julie Susel

PC Julie Susel is based at Wokingham police station.

On receiving the award, Julie said, "I feel so humbled to receive this award, I am privileged to work with such highly motivated and dedicated officers, partner agencies and members of the public, all striving to make our community a safe and pleasant place to live and work. I have been a police officer for 25 years and am still as driven and devoted to my role as I was when I started. I am so grateful and moved by the nominations and I will continue to do my very best for the community that I serve."

Buckinghamshire Community Officer 2019: Adrian Cafe

PC Adrian Cafe is based at Wolverton police station.

On receiving his award, Adrian said, "I am very proud of what the youth boxing club has achieved for those involved and the effects on the wider community. I am very thankful to win this award and I am pleased that these awards recognise the hard work and dedication that neighbourhood police officers put in to making their communities a safer place to live."

Berkshire and Overall Police Community Support Officer 2019: Magda Molenda

PCSO Magda Molenda is based at Bracknell police station.

On receiving this award, Magda said, "This award is a great honour for me and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who nominated me. The recognition that I have received through this award has shown me that the work I do makes a difference to the public and knowing that I have helped people is the most important thing of all. I am very proud to work for Thames Valley Police but I could not achieve all of this without the support of the great team of officers and staff that I work with."

Buckinghamshire Police Community Support Officer 2019: Denise Hawkes

PCSO Denise Hawkes is based at Beaconsfield police station.

On receiving the award, Denise said, “I am overwhelmed, privileged and so honoured to be receiving this award.”

Oxfordshire Police Community Support Officer 2019: Tom Walcott-Smith

PCSO Tom Walcott-Smith is based at Grove police station.

On receiving the award, Tom said, "Winning this award was a surprise but a very proud moment in my career. I have received nominations in previous years but never expected to win it. It makes it even more special knowing the votes have come from colleagues and the communities I support and work in on a daily basis."

Special Constable 2019: Kerrie Ingham

Special Constable Kerrie Ingham is based at Grove police station.

On receiving the award, Kerrie said, "I am completely shocked and honoured that I have even been nominated for such an award and to go on and win it is amazing. I am fortunate enough to have worked with some great officers of whom I have learnt a great deal and who share my passion for helping the community. I joined the Special Constabulary because I wanted to give back and make the area I live in a little safer and I hope I have achieved that and continue to do so going forward."

Volunteer 2019: Paul Swannell

Paul Swannell volunteers as an anti-social behaviour mediator based in Milton Keynes.

On winning this award, Paul said, “I was very surprised to receive this award and also very pleased and proud that I should be honoured in this way. I love my work even though at times, it is very exasperating and frustrating. Knowing that I have achieved success in healing wounds and restoring good neighbourly relations, in what has been a troubled existence for my clients, gives me a lot of job satisfaction.”

Community Volunteer 2019: Robert Ruck-Keene

Robert Ruck-Keene is a key link between the rural community and Thames Valley Police. He is a passionate member of the rural crime partnership and was instrumental in setting up a local version in Milton Keynes.

On receiving this award, Robert said, "To open the letter from ACC Ross, notifying me that I had been nominated, shortlisted and won the award, was a real surprise. I feel truly humbled and honoured."

Cadet 2019: Charlotte Moule

Charlotte joined Bracknell and Wokingham Cadets in October 2016, attending almost every weekly session and improving her confidence. Charlotte has developed from being a very shy character into a confident and engaging senior cadet. In February 2017, Charlotte was promoted to team leader in her unit and has since been working with the less confident cadets to get them more involved with the group.

On receiving the award, Charlotte said, "When I received the letter from ACC Ross, I was so pleased to learn what a difference I had made to the local community and I am naturally thrilled to win this award. I feel that being a police cadet is a great way to interact with the general public at events and other initiatives and I am really looking forward to developing a career within the police force."

Problem Solving Award 2019: Craig Freeman

Craig works for Aylesbury Vale Housing Trust and plays a key role in reducing anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the Aylesbury Vale. Craig works around the clock and during unsociable hours to safeguard several victims of cuckooing and the effect of county drug lines. He litigates his own work, from the initial investigation to presenting the matter in court and this is reflected in the success rate in court applications made.

On receiving the award, Craig said, "I am truly humbled to have been nominated for such a prestigious award. Between us and the fabulous officers at Thames Valley Police, who I thank personally for the remarkable work we've achieved in recent years, we have proven the extent we must go to protect some of Aylesbury Vale's most vulnerable people from serious harm. This award truly reflects the amazing work we all do in usually the most challenging of circumstances."

Officer Lifetime Achievement 2019: Granville Williams

Granville joined Thames Valley Police in October 1988 and has now completed over thirty years’ service.

On receiving this award, Granville said, "I am genuinely shocked and amazed at getting recognised in this way. A total honour. I just kept trying my best and hoped I positively influenced people along the way. Absolutely amazing."

Staff Lifetime Achievement 2019: John Blewett

John joined Thames Valley Police in October 1968 and spent his first 37.5 years as a police constable, working in a number of departments across the force. In 2006, John retired from a police officer role and immediately commenced employment as a member of police staff.

On receiving this award, John said, "I have to say that I felt very proud and pleased when I received the news that I had been nominated and would in fact be receiving this award.  Recognition of my long service with Thames Valley Police and to the members of the public over these many years is wonderful. I have had tremendous job satisfaction in my chosen profession and I have come into contact with so many lovely people as part of my day to day work. It has been an extraordinary experience and I would not change a thing."