Thames Valley Police is delighted to announce the winners of the Community Policing Awards 2018.

Buckinghamshire and Overall Community Police Officer 2018: Glen Crosland

PC Glen Crosland based at Aylesbury police station.

On winning the award, Glen said: 'I was shocked and actually thought it was a wind up by one of my colleagues. However, once I sat down and read the email properly I was pleasantly surprised and appreciative of those that nominated me for it. Truly is an honour.'

Oxfordshire Community Officer 2018: Darren James

PC Darren James is based at Grove police station.

On winning this award Darren said: "I was both surprised and honoured when I received my letter from ACC Ross informing me that I had won Community Officer for Oxfordshire. I have received nominations in previous years but never expected to win it, so it really was a great surprise. I was really humbled due to the fact that members of the community took the time and effort to write in on my behalf, it means so much more because of this. It also turned out to coincide with my 20 years police service, so really couldn't have come at a better time.

Berkshire Community Officer 2018: Tom Walters

PC Tom Walters is based on the problem solving team at Reading police station.

On winning the award Tom said: "I was shocked and surprised on receiving the award, I know some brilliant officers who deserve this recognition as well. I feel very honoured to receive the award though, I still do not know who nominated me!"

Oxfordshire and Overall Police Community Support Officer 2018: Alison Blood

PCSO Alison Blood is based at Abingdon police station.

On winning the award, Ali said: "I am completely overwhelmed to win the Community Policing awards, it still hasn't sunk in. It is very humbling to know I have been nominated by members of the community and my own colleagues who feel I am making a difference. I feel very proud and honoured and for once it has left me a little lost for words!"

Berkshire Police Community Support Officer 2018: Iain Gregory

PCSO Iain Gregory is based at Bracknell police station.

On winning this award Iain said: "I am a grateful recipient of this award as the most regular feedback I receive is from my local offenders. Knowing that members of the public have taken time to nominate me for this award is very humbling."

Buckinghamshire Police Community Support Officer 2018: Andy Angus

PCSO Andy Angus is based at Milton Keynes police station.

On winning the award Andy said, "I am astounded to have been nominated for this award and know there are numerous people I should be thanking for the honour. So to both colleagues and the public alike an enormous thank you. What better way to celebrate my 25 year career with Thames Valley Police." 

Special Constable 2018: Henry North

Special Constable Henry North is based at Cowley police station.

On winning the award Henry said: "I was pleasantly shocked to find out I had won this award, I didn't even know that I had been nominated for it. It wasn't something I expected to happen but it is still a great honour to receive recognition for my volunteering. It was fantastic to learn that my team had nominated me, I mainly thought how I'd worked in the community but it was great to see that I'd assisted them. Receiving this award is a great pleasure and very humbling. A big thanks to everyone who has supported me so far."

Volunteer 2018: Jamie Green

Jamie Green officially joined Thames Valley Police in August 2014 as a volunteer cadet leader for Slough group. 

On winning this award Jamie said: "I had just got home from running a cadet evening when I opened my letter from ACC Ross, I was both delighted and surprised, I found myself reading the letter a number of time before it actually sank in." 

Community Volunteer 2018: Clare Percival

Clare Percival implemented the Chipping Norton Neighbourhood watch scheme after falling victim to crime herself when her caravan was stolen.

On winning the award Claire said: "I was totally overwhelmed when I heard that I had been nominated and had won this award. I never would have thought I would be nominated for doing something that I enjoy doing and am passionate about."

Cadet 2018: Harley Jones

Harley joined Bracknell and Wokingham Cadets in 2015 when the unit first opened, regularly attending meetings over the past three years and improving his confidence and interpersonal skills.

On winning this award Harley said: "Winning this has made me feel extremely honoured and appreciative. It has boosted my confidence and inspiration to fulfil my dream in joining the police."

Diversity Champion 2018: David Hession

David currently works at St Aldates police station in the Oxford Problem Solving Team as a Community and Diversity Officer.

On winning the award Dave said: "Delighted to receive the award. Working with community and promoting diversity is really important and I'm pleased to have been recognised."