Thames Valley Police will consider filming requests relating to the following:

  • Fly on the wall documentaries,
  • Human interest documentaries,
  • Programmes looking at past cases.

Documentary requests should be made by downloading and then completing this online form and emailing it to

Thames Valley Police receives a large volume of documentary requests every year. As a result of this, we will proactively get in touch with the requests that we are interested in supporting.

If you do not receive a reply within eight weeks, please assume that we are unable to support your request.

Facilitating filming of our officers and staff can involve significant resources and it is important that they can carry out their work with minimal disruption. Therefore, there needs to be a clear business case in terms of value to the public and a policing need for TVP to agree to feature.

From 1 April 2019, Thames Valley Police is charging for TV production companies who wish to make a documentary. These charges have been developed in line with the OPCC’s Proposed Fees and Chargeable Rates, and NPCC guidelines. For more information regarding these fees, please see our charging model.

Production companies will be required to sign a contract/access agreement with Thames Valley Police. This is important for data protection, media law and indemnity reasons, but not designed to give the police editorial control.