Learn about how we work together with the community to police our local neighbourhoods.

Every neighbourhood in Thames Valley has a dedicated neighbourhood policing team that works together with the local community and partners to:

  • prevent and reduce crime and disorder,
  • improve neighbourhood conditions,
  • improve feelings of security.

They aim to make communities safer through an approach that is focussed on visibility, engagement, problem solving and community resilience. 

Teams are led by senior police officers and include:

  • police officers,
  • police community support officers (PCSOs),
  • police staff,
  • police support volunteers,
  • special constabulary.

If you have concerns about someone, or about crime and disorder in your neighbourhood, speak to one of your local PCSOs. You can do this directly in the street by attending your next 'Have your say' meeting or by calling 101.

You can also take action in a number of other ways by joining one of your local watch schemes, including Neighbourhood Watch.