Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) are a way for our diverse communities to work with us to help improve our service.

An Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is comprised of members of the public meeting on each of the 12 Local Police Areas (LPA).

IAGs consider local issues such as stop and search figures, hate crime statistics, critical incidents or issues raised as relevant and topical to the public that the LPA serve.

IAGs aim to:

  • To maximise the trust and confidence of the diverse Thames Valley communities through communication, exchanges of views and discussing police issues,
  • To provide a forum for the community to help shape service delivery,
  • To enable Thames Valley Police to develop policies and procedures that are both accessible and transparent,
  • To increase our engagement with communities and help expand the potential for community resilience through the Neighbourhood Policing plan,
  • Act as a ‘critical friend’ to scrutinise policing and policy decisions and debrief incidents and operations.

IAG meetings are held at least quarterly. However, as a result of an incident - an ‘extraordinary’ IAG may be held.

Minutes of the IAG meetings are available on the website with members details anonymised.

Personal details including telephone numbers and email addresses are not shared with other IAG members or placed on any database other than that of the IAG.

Who are the IAG members?

IAG members are members of the public who have an interest in the community and the policing of it.

Membership seeks to be reflective of the protective characteristics held within the Equality Act 2010.

Members are not expected to be a spokesperson for any particular community but should bring their own personal experiences and perspectives to the IAG.

IAGs should have members reflecting the diversity of the local community which may include the following areas:

  • Age,
  • Disability,
  • Gender (including transgender),
  • Geography,
  • Isolated communities (including Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities),
  • Race,
  • Religion or Belief,
  • Sexual Orientation,
  • Socio-economic status.

Who can become an IAG member?

If you work or live within the Thames Valley Police area you are eligible to apply to become a member of an IAG.

Previous court convictions or police contact is not a bar to membership, however, all members are vetted to a basic screening level.

All personal details from meetings will be held internally but will not be published in any media or be made available on the force website.

Who else attends IAG meetings?

The Local Policing Department at Thames Valley Police headquarters manage the Strategic and the Stop and Search IAG (SSIAG). While the Assistant Chief Constable for Local Policing attends the Strategic IAG (SIAG) and the SSIAG.

The Local Police Area Commander or Deputy Commander attend the Local Policing Area IAGs.

Police officers and staff attend the IAGs to deliver presentations on themes and act as subject matter experts to answer questions raised on the agenda items.

Apply to join an IAG

To join your local IAG please visit our vacancies page or complete the application form within the IAG policy and send it to the below address:

Thames Valley Police,
Local Policing,
TVP HQ South,
Oxford Road,
OX5 2NX.