As of the 4th of July the government restrictions as a result of Coronavirus have been eased with more businesses being allowed to open and the public allowed to move around more freely.

There remains a personal responsibility for everyone to reduce the spread of Coronavirus by adhering to the public health guidance around social distancing and hygiene, as well as getting tested if you have symptoms and self-isolating when alerted.

The government has issued new guidance on what they want us all to do to protect ourselves and others from Coronavirus.

What restrictions are still in place?

As of the 4th of July new public health regulations are in place in England and all previous laws have been replaced.

There are no longer any restrictions on movement, and people can stay overnight away from home for any reason.

The new regulations make gatherings of over 30 people unlawful, both indoors and outdoors.

There are exceptions to this, they are:

Outdoor gatherings of over 30 on public land may take place if certain conditions are met, including: being organised by a business, charitable institution, political or public body; a risk assessment has been conducted; and reasonable measures have been taken to limit the risk of transmission.

Gatherings may also be permitted, where reasonably necessary:

  • When all persons in the gathering are members of the same household, or two households;
  • For work purposes;
  • For education or training purposes;
  • To provide emergency assistance, or avoid a risk of harm; or
  • To fulfil a legal obligation.

Pubs and restaurants indoors are not covered by the restrictions to indoor gatherings. These restrictions apply to private dwellings, houseboats, other vessels, and indoor unlicensed music events/raves.

Most businesses can now open, except for a list that must remain shut, including indoor gyms, nail salons, and tattoo parlours.  The responsibility for enforcing this will lie with local authorities.

The legislation in relation to wearing face coverings on public transport and quarantine after international travel are still in force.

What should I report and how?

If you are aware of an illegal gathering that is happening now, involving more than 30 people and that does not meet the above exceptions, please call 101.

Our officers will look to engage and disperse these illegal gatherings, using enforcement as a last resort.

Thames Valley Police has no powers to enforce social distancing as this is government guidance only.

New freedoms are not an excuse for crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.

If you wish to report any of these please report online or call 101, or if the threat is immediate or a crime is ongoing please call 999.

Further information, support and advice about Coronavirus

  • NHS advice - How to avoid catching or spreading germs and when to seek medical help
  • GOV.UK - Daily updates on the outbreak, information and advice
  • PHE England - Daily updates, signs and symptoms, current risk level
  • Mind - Mental health support and advice
  • Victims First – free support and advise for victims of crime
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