Firearms and explosives fees

This page lists to fees for firearms, shotguns and explosives.


Please make cheques payable to ‘Thames Valley Police’

Grant, Renewal, Replacement and Variation of a Firearms Certificate:

  • Firearms Certificate Grant - £88
  • Firearms Renewal- £62
  • Variation of Firearm Certificate - £20
  • Replacement Certificate - £4

Grant, Renewal and Replacement Shotgun Certificates:

  • Shotgun Certificate Grant - £79.50
  • Shotgun Renewal - £49
  • Replacement Certificate - £4

Coterminous grant or renewal:

  • Coterminous grant of both shotgun and firearm certificates - £90
  • Coterminous grant of a shotgun certificate / renewal of firearm certificates - £90
  • Coterminous renewal of a shotgun certificate / grant of firearm certificates - £90
  • Coterminous renewal of both firearms and shotgun certificates- £65

If you wish to have the Firearms Certificate and Shotgun Certificate expiring on the same date (coterminous), a Shotgun Certificate can be brought in line with a Firearm Certificate but not the other way round.

Registered Firearms Dealer:

  • Dealer’s Certificate of registration - £200
  • Renewal of Dealer’s Certificate - £200
  • Game Fair etc. if main place of business is in another Constabulary / Police Force - £13

Visitors Permits:

  • Visitor’s Firearm Permit (Individual) - £20
  • Visitor’s Shotgun Permit (Individual) - £20
  • Group (five or more permits) - £100

There is no fee for the following services:

  • European Firearms Pass.
  • One for one firearms variation
  • Temporary Firearm Permit.
  • Temporary Shot Gun Permit.


The fees for explosives can vary considerably due to hazard type, the length of storage and the amount stored.

Please email the Firearms Licensing Department for further information on explosives or if you believe you may have to pay a fee.

Please be aware that any fee paid under the explosives regulations is paid in advanced for the work done by the department and is not normally refundable even if a certificate is refused.


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