Firearms and shotgun certificates

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New firearm applications

To apply for a firearms/shotgun license fill out the Firearm/Shotgun application form

Important information for applying for firearms certificate

  • Applications can take over 60 days to be processed
  • No commitment can be made for Visitor's Firearms or Shotgun permits due to the checks requirement within Interpol.

Renewal of firearm and shotgun certificates

To apply to renew a firearms or shotgun certificate fill out the Firearm/Shotgun application form

Looking to renew your firearms certificate? Some important information:

  • Please submit your application within 60 working days before the expiry of your current certificate.
  • If your application isn’t received within 60 days, we are unable to guarantee that your application will be processed prior to its expiry date.
  • Failure to submit your form before the expiry date will result in your application being treated as a grant rather than a renewal and a further fee will be charged.
  • The Firearms Licensing Department must be informed of the location of any guns held. View ‘notice of transfer or disposal of a firearm or shotgun’ page for more information.

Have you sent your renewal application? Some important information

  • We will issue temporary permits to cover possession of firearms if the application is sent prior to the expiry date.
  • If you haven’t received your temporary permit a week before your expiry date please email the firearms licensing department –
  • Shotguns can be taken to a Registered Firearms Dealer or another shotgun certificate holder who has adequate storage facilities for safe keeping until new certificate is received.
  • If your license has already expired and you haven’t yet filed a new application, please seek alternative storage arrangements to prevent you from being in unlawful possession of your guns.

How long do firearms applications take?

We will endeavour to process your application within the following times, from date of receipt:

  • Renewal or variation of firearm certificate - within 60 working days
  • Renewal of shot gun certificate - within 60 working days
  • Change of address - within 30 working days
  • Issue a European Firearms Pass - within 20 working days
  • Issue a temporary permit - within 20 working days

Please inform the Firearms Licensing department of your change of address or request for a European Firearms Pass by emailing the Firearms Licensing department -

Processing your firearms/ shotgun application

  • On receipt of the application the following process applies:
  • checks carried out on the applicant /referees
  • application passed to Firearms Enquiry Officer (FEO)
  • FEO contacts applicant to arrange appointment
  • FEO visits applicant and carries out full enquiry
  • enquiry returned to Firearms Licensing Unit
  • application is processed, certificate produced and
    • if security checked and suitable on first visit, certificate posted to applicant
    • if further security was advised, certificate is passed to FEO who will visit, check security and hand over certificate.

Other Applications

Firearm Variation Form

Fill in the Firearm Variation form (can be completed online and then downloaded for submission) to:

  • Add details of firearms to be acquired
  • Report disposed firearms
  • Add details of ammunition to be added or deleted.

Applications for Visitor’s Firearms/Shotgun Permit

View Visitor’s Firearms/Shotgun Permit application form (please download before completion and submission)

Application to become a Registered Firearms Dealer (RDF)

View RFD grant/renewal application form (please download before completion and submission) 

Application for another place of firearms business

Fill in the RFD (other place of business) application form (please download before completion and submission) to:

  • Add details of new address for firearms dealership

European Firearms Passes

If you intend to take firearms or shotguns to another European Union (EU) country, you require a European Firearms Pass (EFP).

How to apply for European Firearms Pass:

Important Information for applying for European Firearms Pass

  • Your request must be sent no less than 20 working days before your departure
  • There is no fee for this service.

Please return all completed forms together with the appropriate fees to:

Thames Valley Police
Firearms and Explosive Licensing Department
Police Headquarters

Explosive applications 

Find out more about explosive applications

Useful links and information

Useful safety information and legislation regarding firearms and shotgun certificates.


You can contact the Firearms Licensing department by: 

  • post - Thames Valley Police, Firearms and Explosive Licensing Department, Police Headquarters, Kidlington, OX5 2NX
  • telephone - 01865 541556 from 3pm to 5pm, Monday to Thursday and 3pm to 4pm on Fridays
  • email -

Firearms Licensing Officers


Thames Valley Police takes pride in its quality of service but acknowledges that misunderstandings may occur. The Firearms Manager is responsible for customer services. Complaints should be directed to:

The Firearms Manager

Police Headquarters
OX5 2NX.

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