Watch schemes and initiatives

Find out more about the watch schemes and initiatives available in your local area.

Thames Valley Police are involved in a number of watch schemes which have been set up to help reduce crime.

Watch schemes can take a variety of forms. This can be partnerships or initiatives involving the police and the public, or messaging services set up by the police.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is about people getting together with their neighbours to take action to cut crime.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are community initiatives owned and run by their members. They work by developing a close relationship between community members and the local police.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can:


  • cut crime and the opportunities for crime
  • help and reassure those who live in the area
  • encourage neighbourliness and closer communities


For more information on how these schemes work and their benefits, or advice on running a scheme in your local area, please contact your local Watch Administrator.

To access our Neighbourhood Watch resources, visit Neighbourhood Watch on Thames Valley Alert to register. 

Thames Valley Alert

Thames Valley Alert is our community messaging system, it allows members of the public to receive crime and safety alerts for their local neighbourhood via e-mail, telephone or text. 

You can choose which types of messages to receive, such as burglary alerts, suspicious circumstances or good news, and select the priority level. This means you only receive alerts which are relevant to you.

For more information and to sign up, visit the Thames Valley Alert website.

There is now also a free Alert app which provides the latest local policing news to your mobile phone.

The app can use GPS data to send targeted messages according to your current location, sending you instant notifications about specific information, warnings and advice relevant to the location. The app also allows you to locate your nearest police station and provides the top news from the Twitter feed.

Whether you live or work in Thames Valley, or are just visiting, you can now receive alerts on the policing news essential to you. To download the app, visit the Apple store or Google play and search 'Thames Valley Alert'.

Thames Valley Business Alert

The Thames Valley Business Alert scheme is designed for anyone who owns, runs or works for a business. Its aim is to help communities to fight business crime.

Through the scheme you can receive crime alerts, witness appeals and other information which is relevant to the area in which you live or work. You will also be alerted to events or meetings in your area and can choose to receive helpful crime prevention advice.

For more information and to sign up, visit the Thames Valley Business Alert website.


Pubwatch ‘members’ hold regular meetings to discuss issues of common concern. They may utilise their Common Law right to exclude (ban) certain individuals who they feel might pose a risk to their businesses. Police attend Pubwatch meetings in a liaison capacity.

To start a Pubwatch scheme in your local area, please contact your local National Pubwatch representative. For more information, visit the National Pubwatch website.

Country Watch

Country Watch aims to help you understand how we are working with partners to tackle rural crime and other issues that are important within the community. 

Through Country Watch Alerts you can receive targeted crime alerts, witness appeals and crime prevention advice relating to your home, business and land.

For more information, visit the Country Watch Alerts website.

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