Details of upcoming misconduct hearings, including details of how to attend are published on this page. 

Public Misconduct Hearing – Former PC Mubeen Patel – 19-20 November 

A public misconduct hearing will take place in connection with a former Thames Valley Police officer.

The hearing will take place at Thames Valley Police’s headquarters in Oxford Road, Kidlington, between 19-20 November, in front of a panel including a legally qualified chairperson, Nicola Talbot Hadley.

The hearing concerns allegations that the officer failed to comply with Thames Valley Police’s Business Interests Policy by carrying out work where he has made in excess of a declared amount; he has received funds into his accounts without verifying their origins, and has thereby provided an unregistered money service; and failed to comply with HMRC requirements. 

It is alleged that he has breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to Conduct, Orders and Instructions and Honesty and Integrity and, if proven, such breaches are so serious they would amount to gross misconduct.

Available space will limit numbers of the public attending to six people including members of the media. If you wish to attend you will be required to pre-register by 4pm on Friday 16 November 2018 by emailing the Professional Standards Department on Anyone who has not pre-registered will not be allowed in the hearing.

No recording or filming of the proceedings is allowed and attendees may be searched prior to entry.

Notes to editors

The officer, who was based in Taplow, resigned and his last day of service was 24 July 2018.